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Established to make your stay as pleasant as possible and guarantee comfort and respect for the rest of the guests staying.

  • The fee for pet admission is €20/day and one pet.

  • It is allowed to accommodate up to a maximum of one pet per apartment (ZUIA SUITES reserves the right not to accept the reservation).

  • All of our apartments welcome guide dogs, free of charge. It will be necessary to notify ZUIA SUITES in advance.

  • Pets allowed are: dogs (with a weight limit of 25 kg), cats, birds and small caged mammals.

  • The owner of the animal will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.

  • It is mandatory to bring the card or passport with the documentation in order or, on the contrary, you will not be able to stay. It is mandatory for dogs to have a microchip and be dewormed.

  • The owner is responsible for the damages and inconveniences caused by his pet, either to third parties or to the furniture. In the event that it occurs, the amount of the damage caused during the stay will be charged on the final bill. The establishment reserves the right of expulsion in the case of inconvenience or damage.

  • ZUIA SUITES reserves the right not to admit pets that cause inconvenience to other clients or have inappropriate behavior during the stay.

  • At all times the client is responsible for their pet and its behavior.

  • The pet may be inside the room and in the common areas (where it must be walked on a leash).

  • Pets are not allowed to relieve themselves in the accommodation grounds.

  • To leave or enter the facilities, dogs must always be on a leash, as in common areas where the animal is allowed to walk.

  • Accommodation´s towels cannot be used to dry pets.

  • To be able to stay with pets, you must indicate it when making your reservation. With it, a bed and feeders will be provided.


Rules subject to change or updates.


Before making the reservation, you must ensure that you have contracted the corresponding package rate and confirm that you are traveling with a pet.


We appreciate compliance with these rules and we hope you have a pleasant stay in our accommodation. 

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